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Game 122: Espinosa's new music did the trick.



  • Battling: Jordan Zimmermann (+27.1%) struggles with a tight zone and shaky command, but goes 5.2 shutout innings with 2 BBs and a K, getting an inning-ending GDP to escapes a runners-corners jam in the 4th (+14.2%).
  • Batting: Jesus Flores (+11.4%) starts the offenses with a solo shot for the lead in the 5th (+15.9%).
  • Steady: Ryan Mattheus (+8.1%) comes on to get the last out of the 6th and end another runners-corners threat, while Tyler Clippard (+7.1%) throws a clean aeyeth.
  • He's ours now: Jonny Gomes (+9.1%) shows no particular sympathy for his former team, coming through with a running catch at the wall and a two-RBI single to tack on in the 6th (+15.1%)
  • You say the The Chief is your hero?  Drew Storen (+6.9%) makes it interesting, but gets the save.