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Game 109: [Rizzo points to head]



  • Denard who? Rick Ankiel (+25.5%) is only 1-5, but it's a go-ahead grand slam (+30.6%).
  • Lombo can wait 'til September: Ian Desmond (+10.8%) is 2-3 with a sac fly and a two-run bomb to tack on.
  • All this and type-B? Jonny Gomes (+3.6%) is 1-3 with a walk, a triple, and a beautiful take-out slide of the catcher on a bases-loaded FC (call it half of the play's +12.2%)
  • Strong antlers: John Lannan (-10.5% pitching, +10.0% hitting) goes 6.2 IP, giving up 3 ER on 8 Ks and only 1 BB, plus a run-scoring bases-loaded FC (+12.2%, with the assist from Gomes).