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Game 123: This time Zimmy's dinger registers



  • Bad Livo tonight: Livan Hernandez (-22.7%) has 3 shutout innings out of 4 IP... but gives up 4 ER in the other one.
  • Teh Clutch? Ian Desmond (+29.4%) is 2-5 with a game-tying, bases-loading, RBI single in the bottom of the 9th (+30.1%).
  • Swing time:Tom Gorzelanny (+9.2%) comes out of the pen for 3 shutdown innings with 2 Ks and no walks.
  • DisArmed: Rick Ankiel (-29.2%) is 0-5 with 4 Ks, including a base-loaded, one-out K in the 9th with it tied (-17.5%).
  • It's what he does: Ryan Zimmerman (+37.5%) is 2-5 with a walkoff grand slam (+34.4%).