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Game 125: HA-hah. Thanks for the money, filly fans.



  • Après lui, la déluge: Chien-Ming Wang (-4.3%) gets through 5.2IP before the downpour, giving up 3 ER with 4 Ks and 1 BB.
  • Lets hope this is the regression: Danny Espinosa (+16.5%) is 3-5 with a game-tying solo shot in the first Nats AB after the rain delay (+19.0%) and a two-RBI single for the early lead in the first (+8.6%).
  • Shutdowns: Todd Coffey (+8.5%), Tyler Clippard (+10.3%), and Sean Burnett (+13.2%) combine to keep it tied with three scoreless innings in relief.... minor hiccup in the middle.
  • Meltdown: Drew Storen (-30.9%) gets 2 Ks, but his walk comes around to score, blowing the tie in the 9th.
  • Bobblehead-worthy: Ian Desmond (+46.8%) hits a two-out, two-strike solo shot to tie it in the 9th (+48.9%).
  • Mr. Walkoff can start a rally, too: Ryan Zimmerman (+17.0%) hits a leadoff double in the 10th (+17.4%)
  • I! Am! Iron man! Jonny Gomes is 0-4 (+3.8%) with the walkoff HBP (+16.9%).