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Washington Nationals Fans' Ticket Buying Trends For Stephen Strasburg's Return To D.C. Info-tisement.

If you believe in the wisdom of the crowd, Googling up Stephen Strasburg and September 6 will give you a lot of results linking to articles speculating that the Washington Nationals' 9/6 home game against the LA Dodgers will see the Nats' '09 no.1 overall pick return to the majors. This much is known, Strasburg will start for the Triple-A Syracuse Chiefs on Saturday and then, likely (according to reports) make one more minor league start.

You can look at a calendar and count the days yourself, I won't be offering any guesses. According to the folks at TiqIQ, who power ticketing for SB Nation blogs, prices have gone up, "... 86% in 72 hrs for [the] 9/6 Nats/Dodgers game." A new promotion they have allows you to "Make an offer" for tickets to the 9/6 game with LA or any other remaining game this season, so while I'm not going to guess which one will be Strasburg's first, I did want to offer you another way to get tickets through the SB Nation and TiqIQ.

HERE'S A LINK where you can "Make an Offer" for the Nats/Dodgers game on 9/6. Read the instructions so you know how it works.

And HERE'S A LINK where you can find tickets for the next homestand and beyond.

• The market is betting on 9/6 according to the TiqIQ folks, however, who provided the following visual representation of how ticket sales are trending:


• Again, purchase tickets for the 9/6 game at your own risk, but you can do so at "lower than average" prices through the SB Nation and TiqIQ, so I just wanted to pass on the info about the opportunity. (ed. note - "Can you tell I'm reluctant to single out any one game? Just don't want anyone buying tickets to one game and not getting what they want, but you can get deals for every game, so I'm just passing it on.")