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Game 133: Livo's lucky 7 prevents Nats' unlucky 7

Tonight's post-game: Livo's 50,000 pitch and a win.



  • Crafty as ever: Livan Hernandez (+16.6% pitching, +1.8% hitting) scatters 5 hits and 3 walks over 7 IP for only 2 ER.  He also smacks a double and comes around to score.
  • Beastly as ever: Michael Morse (+23.7%) is 3-5 with a solo shot for the lead in the second (+10.8%) and a go-ahead RBI double in the third (+12.0%).
  • Powerful as ever: Ryan Zimmerman (+19.8%) is 3-5 with a three-run jack to provide the winning margin (+18.0%).