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Colorado Rockies' Pitcher Juan Nicasio Hit By Line Drive, Taken To Hospital.

A scary moment occurred on the second pitch of the second inning of tonight's game between the Washington Nationals and Colorado Rockies in Coors Field when Ian Desmond lined an 0-1 fastball back up the middle and off pitcher Juan Nicasio's head. The right-hander appeared to be out on contact and fell on his head on the mound unable to brace himself. The pitcher was out on his back on the mound. Medical personnel were on the field quickly and the 24-year-old Rockies' starter was taken from the field on a cart/stretcher after showing slight signs of movement, but not much. He was conscious when taken from the field, but a replay showed fairly clearly he'd been knocked out on contact when the ball hit uncomfortably close to the pitcher's right temple. More info when it's available.