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Game 112: Dangit, I went to see Archers of Loaf!



  • Ace: Jordan Zimmermann (+28.1%) throws 5.2 innings with 8 Ks and 2 BBs. The 2 ER are not entirely his fault.
  • g04t: Henry Rodriguez (-33.7%) just can't get the last out in the 6th, cashing in 2 inherited runners plus another for good measure.
  • Lombo could do that: Ian Desmond (+12.6%) is 4-4.
  • Not yard: Ryan Zimmerman (+6.8%) has a two-RBI triple (+15.3%) for the early lead.
  • CRUSH! Michael Morse (+12.4%) is 3-5 with a HR.
  • "A" Bullpen: Tyler Clippard (+32.4%) salvages H. Rod's disaster, getting a bases-loaded K to end the 6th (+12.6%) and then 5 more outs before Drew Storen (+18.7%) comes on for a 4-out save.