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Game 134: Canada told me, "no backsies!"

Tonight's game story: Nats lose, guys on other team do whatever.



  • Strasburgian? John Lannan (-9.2%) goes a pretty decent 7 IP, fanning 6 and only walking 1, although giving up 2 dingers--including a two-run shot to the opposing pitcher (-9.9%) and the immobile Chipper's 450th (-11.4%).
  • Beasts don't FAIL: Michael Morse (+2.2%) has the Nats' only positive hitting WPA of the night with a 7th-inning solo shot (+7.6%).
  • At least my DSL is working again: The Nats' offense (other than Morse) combines for -43.3% WPA, trailed by Ryan Zimmerman's (-10.8%) 0-4 with 3 LOB.