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  • Not too bad: Chien-Ming Wang (-4.2%) only lasts 5 IP, but only gives up 2 ER, while striking out 4 (!) and walking none.
  • Kind of bad: Doug Slaten (-13.0%) records no outs and walks a batter in relief.
  • Cleaner: Craig Stammen (+19.2% pitching, +4.1% hitting) defuses Slaten's disaster-in-the-making, getting 4 scoreless outs.  He also singles to start a 7th-inning rally and comes around to score.
  • Clutch: Ryan Zimmerman (+10.7%) singles in Stammen for the go-ahead run (+20.6%).
  • Double-double: Rick Ankiel (+6.1%) doubles in a run to get the Nats on the board (+15.3%), then Michael Morse (+10.8%) doubles The Arm in to tie it (+18.4%).  (Ankiel's great play at the plate doesn't show up to his credit in the WPA.)
  • Way. Too. Interesting: Drew Storen (+17.5%) puts runners on the corners but gets a big strike out to end the game (+18.4%).
  • Almost forgot: Sean Burnett (+12.9%) throws a clean aeyeth to preserve the one-run lead.

After the jump, C.B. Bucknor is bad at umpiring!



As usual, the black box is the strike zone (it's adjusted so the box is the same height for tall and short hitters).  Red are called strikes, and green are balls.  The balls and strikes don't always match up to the edge of the box, but they should be consistent.  You shouldn't have the situation like you have here where you have no idea if a pitch is going to be called a ball or a strike.