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Game 147: "[Franking] Ankiel OWNS Center!" --Mrs. Doghouse



  • C'mon, shake your tail-feather: Brad Peacock (+26.2%) doesn't go yard, but he throws 5 shutout innings in spite of 3 BBs and only 2 Ks.
  • He'd still really rather start: Tom Gorzelanny (+13.7%) throws 2 clean innings in relief.
  • Two-out rally time! Michael Morse (7.8%) singles in a run for the lead in the 3rd (+13.4%), then Jayson Werth (+5.4%) singles in another one to tack on (+10.3%)--both with two outs.
  • ANKIEL!! Rick Ankiel (-2.0%) doesn't actually get the WPA for his game-ending diving catch on a liner hooking and diving away from him, but the +8.6% it was worth didn't do the snag justice anyhow.