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Game 150: We need a bigger boat.



  • Wasted: Stephen Strasburg (+19.7%) pitches 6 innings, fanning 3, walking none, and giving up 1 ER.
  • Rally Rhino: Wilson Ramos (+8.3%) jacks a solo shot to tie it in the 5th (+16.0%).
  • No whammy: Henry Rodriguez (+8.5%) and Todd Coffey (+10.3%) keep it tied in the 7th and 8th.
  • No whammy: Drew Storen (+13.2%) and Sean Burnett (+13.2%) keep it tied in the 9th and 10th.
  • STOP! Collin Balester (-19.9%) makes it through the 11th and 12th clean, but gives up a two-run shot to put the Nats behind in the 13th (-42.2%).
  • Rally time! Ian Desmond (+12.8%) reaches on error and takes 2nd to lead off the 11th (+17.4%).
  • Rally FAIL: Michael Morse (-28.6%) GDPs to end the 11th (-32.1%).