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Game 152: It's never easy



  • Wasted quality: Tommy Milone (+35.0%) goes 6 IP, giving up neither a run nor a walk and fanning two.
  • Bad bunt + bad call: Ian Desmond's (-8.8%) safety squeeze doesn't get quite far enough for the ump to notice that the catcher missed the tag (-13.2%).
  • SHARK ATTAAAAAACK! Roger Bernadina (+28.1%) jacks a three-run shot for lead (+39.8%).
  • FAIL relief is FAIL: Doug Slaten (-13.1%) puts on the first two batters he faces in the 7th without getting an out, then Tyler Clippard (-25.0%) coughs up the tying HR (-33.6%).
  • CLUTCH (which still doesn't exist): Ryan Zimmerman (+36.8%) singles in the go-ahead run in the 10th (+36.8%).
  • Just steady enough: Tom Gorzelanny (+13.4%) and Sean Burnett (+10.5%) allow some runners but keep it tied through 9, while Drew Storen (+19.4%) works around a leadoff double to save the win.