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Game 157: Wang is right

Today's game story: CMW's comeback season ends w/Nats win.



  • Can he bunt? Chien-Ming Wang (+24.4% pitching, +3.4% hitting) fans 4, walks none, and gives up only 1 ER over the course of 6 IP.  He even singles in a run (his first major league hit, +5.4%).
  • Steady: Ryan Zimmerman (+10.2%) is 2-4.
  • Demonstrating something: Chris Marrero (+8.5%) singles in a run for the early lead (+10.4%), while Danny Espinosa (+8.3%) singles in two more to tack on (+9.8%).
  • WPA doesn't give him credit for this: Ivan Rodriguez (-2.7%) guns down a runner to help defuse a runners-corners jam in the aeyeth (+8.1%).