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Washington Nationals' September Call-Ups Expected To Join Team Tomorrow, Acc To's Bill Ladson.

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As writer Bill Ladson (@washingnats) just noted on the Twitter, "Craig Stammen, Yunesky Maya, Atahualpa Severino, Corey Brown, Brad Peacock and Stephen Lombardozzi will be in the big leagues Tuesday." Nats' Skipper Davey Johnson spoke about the possible additions to the roster a few minutes ago, telling reporters, "I'm looking forward to it. I think we've been a little outnumbered here lately and I'm looking forward to seeing the new young guys. I haven't got a game plan. I know there's going to be a swarm of them, so I'll have to have a big staff meeting and go over the reports." 

As for how the expanded roster helps, Johnson said, "It gives you a lot more matchups in the ballgame, and it helps a little more in the bullpen, especially with some guys not going long starts. It started with [Ross Detwiler], Det had a little rough outing and of course Tommy Milone pitched four innings and then had a little trouble and then [Livan Hernandez] pitched five innings, it puts a little stress on your bullpen." 

"A lot of [the call-ups] I know and some of them I don't know," Johnson continued, "I'm anxious to see how they fare up here." Stephen Lombardozzi and Brad Peacock in particular seemed to interest the Nats' Skipper, "They both had great years. Peacock tore up Double-A and Lombardozzi, kind of similar, he hit .300 in Double-A, moved up to Triple-A and hit .300 there, so those are a couple guys." Stammen and Maya already have major league experience. Atahualpa Severino's been up twice but hasn't pitched. Corey Brown, acquired this winter along with Henry Rodriguez in the deal that sent Josh Willingham to Oakland, will be making his major league debut along with Severino, Peacock and Lombardozzi.