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Game 140: Strasburg rulez, rest of Nats droolz...

Tonight's game story: Strasburg rulez, rest of Nats droolz...



  • Welcome back: Stephen Strasburg (+22.8% pitching, +6.9% hitting) dominates over 5 IP, fanning 4 and allowing 2 hits and no ER.  He also reaches on error on a sac bunt (scoring a run, +8.3%) and comes around to score, himself.
  • Bullpen FAIL, how I've missed you: Brad Peacock (-20.9%) has a less-than-auspicious debut, cashing in Doug Slaten's (-4.6%) two runners and one of his own to tie the game the inning after Stras left.  Henry Rodriguez (-34.7%) coughs up 2 ER in the aeyeth to put the Nats behind for good.
  • Better (although limited) debuts: Stephen Lombardozzi (+10.5%) leads the Nats in batting WPA on the strength of a PH walk.  Atahualpa Severino (+4.1%) gets an out in relief.
  • The Beast is dead: Michael Morse (-16.6%) is 0-5 with 4 Ks and 8 LOB.  Danny Espinosa (-16.3%)  is 0-4 with 3 Ks and 4 LOB.