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Game 142: The rally sammiches worked!

Tonight's game story: Nats win in 11th on walkoff E-5.



  • Mr. Walkoff lets someone else do it: Ryan Zimmerman (+6.4%) hits a two-run bomb in the first for the early lead (+17.6%).
  • Needz moar dingerz: Tommy Milone (-10.3%) gives up 3 ER in 5.2 IP and doesn't go yard, although he does strike out 3 and walk none.
  • Interesting in a good way: Drew Storen (+13.2%) records 4 outs in the 9th, two Ks (one a K-WP) and a bunt, pop-up double play (+18.1%).
  • Back to All Star: Tyler Clippard (+26.4%) keeps it tied for two innings
  • In and out of jams: Henry Rodriguez (+10.3%) escapes a runner-on-third, one-out jam with a big strike out (+14.2%).
  • Right guy at the right time: Jayson Werth (+16.8%) bounces an infield single to third, and a late throw to second goes in center field to let Zimmy come around for the walkoff run (+29.7%).
  • Fuhst baseman, Chwis Maaaaweeewwwo!  Chris Marrero (+6.1%) doubles in the tying run in the 7th (+16.1%).