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Washington Nationals: Frontrunners For Prince Fielder? Not Likely To Sign Him? Texas Rangers/Yu Darvish Decision The Holdup?

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In an appearance on 710AM ESPN in Seattle's "The Kevin Calabro Show"'s Jerry Crasnick said he spoke to Scott Boras last week about all the clients of his that remained unsigned, with the super agent telling him, "... that a lot of teams are interested, he's dealing with ownership and it takes time," but as Mr. Crasnick said, "Certainly, for people who follow the industry and the game there's still some surprise that Prince Fielder remains unsigned." In the baseball writer's opinion, he said he got the sense that Seattle didn't want to get caught up in a bidding war for Fielder, and didn't see the Mariners as a good fit for several reasons. Mr. Crasnick (@jcrasnick) backed off some of what he'd Tweeted on Tuesday about reports of the Mariners' interest in the 27-year-old slugger being "overblown," but still expressed some doubt about the Pacific Northwest as a destination for the soon-to-be-former Brewer...

"I think if any of these teams, Seattle, the [Chicago] Cubs, Washington, Texas, Baltimore, Florida " Mr. Crasnick continued, "If any of these teams was an ideal fit for Prince, we wouldn' t be sitting here on January 10th trying to figure out where he's going to go." The Rangers could get involved if the Yu Darvish deal isn't worked out. "The buzz I'm sort of getting is that the Mariners' [interest] is a little overblown at this point," the ESPN writer said. "I think, Scott Boras has a great way of sort of getting out of these situations, but I have a hard time seeing him getting more than six or seven years, if someone pays him 10 years and $260 million dollars, God Bless Scott Boras."

In summing up his thoughts and predicting a final destination for Fielder,'s Mr. Crasnick said, "If I had to guess, I think it's probably Washington. Could it be Texas? Maybe. I don't see Baltimore. I don't see Florida because they don't sign guys who have no-trade clauses. So right now, could it be the Cubs? Maybe, but only on their terms, right now it's still sort of a wide open landscape for the guy."'s Jon Morosi (@jonmorosi) too wrote on Twitter this morning that the Yu Darvish negotiations with the Rangers will play a big role in deciding Fielder's future as many have suggested. "Source with knowledge of #Rangers finances doubts they invest in Yu Darvish AND Prince Fielder," Mr. Morosi wrote, "#Nats still viewed as favorite for Prince."'s Jon Heyman (@JonHeymanCBS) appears to agree, writing on Twitter within the last hour that he does, "... think long-awaited Fieder deal may wait 'til after Rangers/Darvish are done negotiating. Texas a team of interest here."

However,'s Bill Ladson writes this afternoon, in an article entitled, "Nationals unlikely to sign Prince at current price", that a baseball source is telling him that, "There is a "99 percent" chance that the Nationals will not sign free-agent first baseman Prince Fielder." The source tells the Nats beat writer, "Fielder's price must come down in order for the team to think about acquiring his services."

Frontrunners in some reporter's sources, a 1% chance according to others and it may all depend on the fate of the Rangers' negotiations with the Nippon Ham Fighters' right-hander?