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Texas Rangers Keep Talking About Prince Fielder, Washington Nationals Quiet...Too Quiet?

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The reports out of Texas since the Rangers signed Yu Darvish have said it's "very unlikely" the team will try to sign left-handed-hitting first baseman Prince Fielder after they officially added the 25-year-old right-handed starter to their rotation on Wednesday. It will take some "creative" thinking in order to get a deal with the 27-year-old free agent slugger done, sources are saying, but even then no one's ruling Texas out. Rangers' Assistant GM Thad Levine, in an appearance on the MLB Network Radio show First Pitch with Jim Memolo and Todd Hollandsworth this morning, did nothing to change the perception that the team remains in the mix for Fielder, however "unlikely" it is they do actually sign the free agent.

Asked if the Rangers were done after the Darvish signing, the Assistant GM, without mentioning the Scott Boras' client by name, said, "I will just tell you this, that Jon Daniels is an amazingly creative general manager and so, we are aware of acquisition costs of almost every player who is on the market including the guys who are still out there and there are active discussions internally to see if there's any ways we can improve the team. We'll always stay abreast of those. I'd say, handicapping it, it's unlikely, but it won't be from a lack of creativity in discussions and exploring internal options to make that happen."

"We're not denying what Prince brings to the table, it's a matter of budget and dollars and cents and financially what we've got, not just this year, but looking forward," Jon Daniels told MLB Network Radio's Jim Bowden and Casey Stern Thursday night on Inside Pitch, "We're going to have a record payroll this year as we sit today. We just made a huge investment yesterday and as much as we'd love [Prince], I just think from a budget standpoint and being responsible for the club, at this point it's unlikely."

The Washington Nationals, considered the front runners for Fielder by some, have said...nothing about Fielder publicly in some time... #runsilent