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Washington Nationals: Gio Gonzalez Press Conference Live Stream via Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic.

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The Washington Nationals are set to introduce 26-year-old left-hander Gio Gonzalez to the D.C. press corps this afternoon. The Nats' acquired Gonzalez in a late-December trade with Oakland, sending four prospects (Tom Milone, Brad Peacock, A.J. Cole and Derek Norris) to the A's in return for a pitcher D.C. GM Mike Rizzo said has, "... all the prerequisites that we had to have for a deal of this magnitude." Rizzo described the 5'11'' starter, who finished his fourth major league season in 2011 with a (16-12) record in 32 starts and 202.0 IP over which he had a 3.12 ERA, 3.64 FIP, 91 walks (4.05 BB/9) and 197 K's (8.78 K/9), as, "... a young power-throwing left-hander." "He's got plus, plus stuff," the Nats' general manager said in a press conference after the trade, and, "Being a left-hander was really a key to this. We feel that he matches up very nicely between our two power right-handers [Stephen Strasburg and Jordan Zimmermann]."

The Nationals introduce Gio Gonzalez today. Comcast SportsNet was kind enough to give us permission to post the live stream of the press conference here. If you're on Twitter, take a moment to thank them for letting us do this. Gio Gonzalez is in Washington...RIGHT NOW!!!: (p.s. If the screen doesn't fit on the front page, just click on the story title or comments section and it should fit in full page post, sorry, had to do this quickly.)