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Former Washington Nationals' President Stan Kasten On Prince Fielder Rumors.

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Asked what he thought of the rumors that Prince Fielder might be headed to the nation's capital, and why, other than the money, Fielder would go to the Nats, former Washington Nationals' team president Stan Kasten told SN590 the FAN in Toronto's Bob McCown and John Shannon this afternoon, "The answer will always be money no matter where he goes, that's just inevitable and there's nothing wrong with that." Kasten, who served as the Nats' president from 2006-2010 when he abruptly resigned his position, told the hosts, "Every time I've heard anything about it in the past from people there, it doesn't seem likely," the Nationals will sign Fielder, "because that's not the kind of player they wanted or were looking for, for all the negative possibilities. It's just not what they wanted, but that could change, and I've certainly seen the stories written in the last few days."

• LISTEN: to the interview HERE.

The former Nationals' executive, who was reportedly in favor of the idea of signing Adam Dunn when both were still with Washington, said adding Fielder, "... would bring an element that they don't have for sure, a big reliable left-handed bat, but to put that kind of money and that kind of years into a player with all the ramifications for the rest of the team payroll down the road, I still see it as unlikely, but certainly not impossible."

When one of the SN590 hosts asked why Fielder would choose to remain in the National League, Kasten explained that it's likely just because, "He's used to the National League, and I think most players want to stay there who are there. They don't relish the chance to become a DH. It ruined Adam Dunn's career and we'll see if he ever bounces back from that. So, I think if a player has an opportunity to stay in the National League and get to play every day, I think that would be their preference."

"I'm sure Prince would rather be in the National League," Mr. Kasten said, "But anyone spending the money for that would rather be a team in the American League like the Angels did with [Albert] Pujols."

Reports in the last few days have the Nationals' brass, including ownership, meeting with Fielder and his agent when the two toured MLB cities recently to talk with owners about signing the big slugging first baseman. The former Nats' president said that when dealing with Fielder's agent, Scott Boras, "You have to be ready for a lot of misdirection. He's very, very good at what he does. He's very prepared and he often prepares things that you hadn't thought about because they're not real."

"He's very good. He's always, I think, fully fleshed out whatever alternatives exist," Kasten half-joked, "and invents those that do not yet exist, so, that's the politest I can be about it, sorry."

The only other Fielder-related news tonight came out of Texas, where writer T.R. Sullivan wrote, in an article entitled, "Daniels on Napoli, Fielder, Bullpen", that Rangers' GM Jon Daniels reiterated today that, "... the Rangers are not interested in free agent first baseman Prince Fielder." The Chicago Cubs, Seattle Mariners and Washington Nationals are the only teams being talked about as potential suitors these days. [Insert joke about Boras and his mystery teams here.]'s Pete McCarthy, Jim Duquette and Joe Sheehan talked about the Nationals' pursuit of Fielder today in a Hot Stove discussion: