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NLDS Game 4 WPA: It was well-written. Nats 2, Cards 1

I was jumping up and down like a 7-year-old going out for snow cones.


Via FanGraphs

  • Davey had no doubts: Ross Detwiler (+22.0%) walks a tightrope for 6 innings, giving up a single unearned run on 2 Ks and 3 walks.
  • P2K > P2C: Jordan Zimmermann (+8.4%) and Tyler Clippard (+10.1%) each strike out the side to earn shutdowns in their innings of relief work, while Drew Storen (+12.8%) gets a pop-out to go with his 2 Ks in the 9th to earn his.
  • Good start: Adam LaRoche (+12.0%) blasts a solo shot to the batter's eye in CF for the early lead (+11.3%).
  • BEDLAM IN THE NATION'S CAPITOL!! Jayson Werth (+31.6%) battles for a dozen pitches before lining one off the back wall of the visiting bullpen for the walkoff (+37.2%).