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NLDS Game 5 WPA: Stare out the window and wait for spring; Cardinals 9, Nats 7

This was still the best season yet.


Via FanGraphs

  • Not quite steady: Gio Gonzalez (+7.1%) makes it through 5 IP with 5 Ks and 4 walks, allowing 3 ER but leaving with a lead.
  • Extra bases: Bryce Harper (+13.9%) hits a first-inning RBI triple to get things going (+12.6%).
  • Squeezed so hard that I'm surprised he didn't undergo spontaneous gravitational collapse and become a black hole, sucking all of Nats Park into a quantum singularity and then exploding in a fiery supernova of destruction, ending all life as we know it: Drew Storen (-85.2%) finds strike 3 to be even more elusive than the Higgs Boson, fanning two, walking two, and giving up 4 runs to mark the official beginning of winter.

Yeah, so I was going to grab a bunch of strikezone maps off of Brooks Baseball to illustrate just how outrageously we wuz robbed, but it'll be all over teh interwebs tomorrow whether I do not, and I'm trying to focus on how this was AN OUTRAGEOUSLY GOOD, TOTALLY UNEXPECTEDLY AWESOME SEASON. And next season will be even better. Is it Spring yet?