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Cult Favorite Player: National League East - Washington Nationals' Wil Nieves

Is there any bigger cult favorite from the Washington Nationals' history than Wil Nieves? Who? Wil Nieves! Along with the rest of the SB Nation's NL East writers, we took a look at the biggest cult favorite since baseball returned to the nation's capital in 2005.

Greg Fiume - Getty Images

• The following is from an SB Nation Baseball Nation post on cult players from each of the NL East's five teams, which asked writers from each of the SB Nation's NL East sites to identify one of the players from their franchise's history who became a favorite for reasons other than what said player accomplished on the field. Our choice? C'mon...:

Federal Baseball: "This one is easy. Wil Who? The cult of Wil Nieves was born from exactly three seconds of a commercial that aired repeatedly during the Nats' 2009 campaign which had 'regular fans' telling the story of their favorite Nationals moments from previous seasons. [Full Disclosure: I auditioned for these spots, but didn't realize it was a literal casting call, and went into a room where three people asked me to act out my 'story' as they watched. Yeah, no. I read it off the paper thanked them and left.] One particularly memorable fan recounted the story of Wil Nieves's April 25, 2008 walk-off home run against the Cubs. An opposite-field blast, it was Nieves's 1st MLB home run. Exciting stuff to be sure, but it was his delivery during the commercial that really inspired fans to rally behind Nieves."

• Read the entire post here and see who the other SB Nation writers from Amazin' Avenue, The Good Phight, Fish Stripes and Talking Chop chose as their own "cult" favorites:

• Watch the greatest MASN commercial ever below: