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Game 162: Finishing with a bang... or several... also a zoom. Nats 5, Phillies 1

Nats end their best season yet with some mighty blasts and a Teddy win!.


Via FanGraphs

  • Bang! Number 10! Edwin Jackson (+21.7%) finally notches his 10th win, going 6.2 innings with 6 Ks, 1 BB, and 1 run.
  • Bang! FOTF! Ryan Zimmerman (+12.7%) bashes a 4th-inning solo shot to tie the game (+14.9%).
  • Bang! Bang! Country!! Tyler Moore (+19.1%) hits an RBI double for the go-ahead run (+12.1%) in the 4th, and a monster solo bomb almost to the LF concourse to pad the lead in the 6th (+11.5%).
  • Take on BANG! Michael Morse (+16.2%) is 3-4 with a 4th-inning double (+7.9%) and a two-run bomb in the 8th to put it away (+3.5%).
  • BANG ZOOOOOM! Teddy finally wins a race with a little help from the Fauxlie Fauxnatic, triggering the 4th-inning rally and subsequent Nats win (+59.3%). There's a lesson here, Nats PR department!