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Washington Nationals vs Houston Astros: Grapefruit League Opener. Edwin Jackson vs Livan Hernandez GameThread.

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"Nats fans, 'Season of Silence' over. On the radio [today] at 1pm on 106.7fm, Sunday at 1 on 106.7fm/1500am..." - Charlie Slowes on Twitter (@Charlie_Slowes).

At long last the 2012 Grapefruit League season gets underway today with the Washington Nationals playing their first game of the spring against former Nats' starter Livan Hernandez and the Houston Astros live from Kissimmee, Florida's Osceola County Stadium at 1:05 pm EST. The Nationals played an exhibition against the Georgetown Hoyas on Friday afternoon, but today's the official start of Spring Training baseball as Davey Johnson sends a mix of veterans, young potential stars and bench options out to support Edwin Jackson, who'll be making his first start in a curly-W cap after signing as a free agent earlier this winter.

• Here's the Nats' lineup for today's Grapefruit League opener:

  1. Ian Desmond - SS
  2. Danny Espinosa - 2B
  3. Rick Ankiel - CF
  4. Chad Tracy - 1B
  5. Jason Michaels - DH
  6. Mark Teahen - 3B
  7. Bryce Harper - RF
  8. Roger Bernadina - LF
  9. Jesus Flores - C
  10. Edwin Jackson - SP
As noted yesterday, the Nationals (who will be backing up starters with starters this Spring as they sort out their rotation) have Ross Detwiler, Chad Durbin, Sean Burnett and new Nats' reliever Ryan Perry lined up to throw after Edwin Jackson's done. Get your scorecards out, get a couple pencils and be prepared to make a lot of notes and lineup changes as the game goes along. This is Spring Training baseball. This is the official start of the Washington Nationals 2012 season. This is what we've all been waiting for all winter (well, Opening Day, really, but this is close). This is the first game of the Spring and it starts... RIGHT NOW!! (Or at 1:05 pm EST.) And it's on the radio. 106.7 the FAN in DC, 1500 AM WFED, Sirius/XM ch. 185, MLB Gameday Audio, etc. WHO's LISTENING TO CHARLIE AND DAVE! Who's Listening To The Nationals?