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Game 6: 14 LOB, 4 runs without hits--but still a win



  • Emerging Ace: Stephen Strasburg (+38.3%) throws 6 innings of shutout ball, walking 3 but striking out 9.
  • Right place, right time: Mark DeRosa (+25.6%) is 1-2 with 3 BBs, figuring in two hitless RBIs: he was at bat during a run-scoring WP (+9.2%) for the Nats' first run, and he drew a bases-loaded walk (+11.5%) to force the second.
  • Good with bad: Xavier Nady (-4.8%) lines into a bases-loaded DP (-16.1%), although he's 2-4 with a SB on the day.
  • Shutdown: Ryan Mattheus (+7.8%) walks one but strikes out two in a scoreless 7th. Sean Burnett (+4.8%) doesn't technically qualify for a shutdown with his scoreless aeyth, but he did have to get five outs to do it (I'm looking at you, Werth and Espinosa!).

What do these graphs mean?