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Game 7: Not your usual Zim walkoff...

Tonight's game story: Nats walk off on WP.



  • Dominant: Gio Gonzalez (+38.6%) pitches 7 shut-out innings, striking out 7, walking none and allowing only 2 hits. Craig Stammen (+12.3%) rewards my years of fandom by striking out the side on 10 pitches in the 10th. Tyler Clippard (+6.5%) is barely worth mentioning with 2 Ks in a scoreless aeyth.
  • Less dominant: Brad Lidge (-31.4%) collects a blown save, allowing 2 runs to tie it in the 9th.
  • Solid: Adam LaRoche (+16.8%) is 2-5 with a big two-out, two-run single (+23.8%). Ian Desmond (+16.3%) continues to make his case with a 3-5 day.
  • Practically incorporeal: Danny Espinosa (-25.2%) with 1-3 with 2 walks, but hits into a gut-wrenching 1-2-3 DP to blow the walkoff in the 9th (-32.7%).
  • Finding a way to win: Ryan Zimmerman (+29.0%) struggles at the plate (0-4) and in the field (1 E, arguably 3), finally reaching on a HBP and coming around to get the walkoff via a WP (+37.2%).