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Game 9: Completely Awesome

Tonight's game story: Jackson throws a beauty of a game.



  • And this is our #4 starter: Edwin Jackson (+31.4%) throws a 9-inning complete game, allowing only 1 ER on 2 hits and a walk, with 9 strikeouts. Amazingly, that slightly lowers the Nat's staff average K/9!
  • And this is our slow starter: Adam LaRoche (+26.3%) continues his early-season tear, going 2-3 with a walk and a two-run double for the lead in the 3rd (+20.1%).
  • And this is our backup catcher: Jesus Flores (+15.9%) is 3-3 with a walk and a game-tying RBI single (+12.9%).
  • And this is our leadoff hitter: Ian Desmond (-11.4%) pauses his hot streak to go 0-5.