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Game 11: LOMbarDOZzi! [Clap, clap, clapclapclap]

Tonight's game story: Strasburg wins, but Lombo shines.



  • Meh: Stephen Strasburg (+2.6%) is sloppy (for him), striking out 5, walking,1 and giving up 6 hits over 6 IP, allowing a game-tying, two-run single in his last inning (-26.1%).
  • GATORADE'D: Steve Lombardozzi (+43.1%) is 4-5 with a bunt single that led to a run on an error for the early lead (+12.3%), and an RBI double for the late lead (+26.5%).
  • D!NGER: Wilson Ramos (+5.4%) belts a solo shot to tack on in the 4th (+11.7%).
  • Waking up? Ryan Zimmerman (+3.9%) is 2-4 with a SB and a two-RBI single (+9.0%).