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Game 14: Shoulda been here yesterday

Tonight's game story: EJax and Gorzo shelled in ugly Nats loss.


Via fangraphs

  • Happy FIP, sad ERA: Edwin Jackson (-26.5%) gives up 5 ER in the first on a passle of XBH, but manages to go 5 IP, striking out 5, walking none, and keeping the ball in the yard.
  • Comeback! Ryan Zimmerman (+8.3%) hit a three-run bomb off the back of the visiting bullpen to get the Nats within one (+15.8%).
  • Collapse: Tom Gorzelanny (-30.3%) starts looking expendable, giving up 6 ER on 8 hits with 1 K in 2 innings of relief work, putting the game well out of reach.
  • Take a time-out: Jayson Werth (-9.6%) pauses his hot streak to go 0-3 with 2 LOB.