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Game 21: Welcome to the bigs, kid.


Via FanGraphs

  • No Decision: Stephen Strasburg (+16.3%) goes 7 IP with 9 Ks (3 of Kemp), no walks, and only 1 ER--thanks to a dropped ball on a play at the plate.
  • Someone else can hit, too: Adam LaRoche (+26.4%) hits a solo bomb in the 7th for a temporary lead (+21.6%).
  • In a can: Tyler Clippard (+9.7%) battles indifferent officiating to collect a scoreless aeyeth.
  • Decent debut: Bryce Harper (+13.3%) is 1-4 with a double, a go-ahead sac fly in the 9th (+15.5%), and a heckuva throw from LF.
  • Get well soon, Drew: Henry Rodriguez (-55.3%) doesn't walk anyone, but he gives up the game tying runs on 3 hits and 2 WPs. Tom Gorzelanny (-25.1%) defuses his two-on jam, but gives up the walkoff in the next inning (-37.8%).
  • Speaking of not hitting: Ian Desmond (-16.3%) and Steve Lombardozzi (-22.4%) are 0-10 at the top of the order.