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Game 1: Never mind the LOB.


  • Unsupported: Stephen Strasburg (+19.2%) gives up 1 ER (which arguably should have been unearned), striking out 5 and walking one over 7 IP on only 82 pitches... for a no-decision.
  • Veteran Patience: Jayson Werth (+7.8%) draws a based-loaded walk to tie the game in the aeyth (+23.4%).
  • I am the Mongoose--and I RAWK! Ian Desmond (+52.9%) is 3-5 with an ROE and a go-ahead RBI in the 9th (+35.7%).
  • Harbingers: Tyler Clippard (+10.3%) throws a scoreless aeyth to get his first vulture win. Brad Lidge (+19.0%) works around a one-out triple to get the save, thanks to Ryan Zimmerman gunning down the runner at home on the next play (+31.1%).
  • What do these graphs mean?