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Game 2: Ignite your CHADtitude!*

Today's game story: Nats rally late behind Chad Tracy to beat Cubs.


  • Slow starter? Adam LaRoche (+31.4%) is 4-5 with a 2-run bomb in the 4th to (briefly) put the Nats ahead (+25.6%).
  • Slow starter. Gio Gonzalez (-35.1%) fans 6 but walks 3 and gives up 7 hits in only 3.2 IP, somehow holding the damage to 4 ER.
  • POP off the bench: Chad Tracy (+45.6%) comes through with a two-run, two-out, bases-loaded single to put the Nats back ahead in the aeyth (+45.6%)
  • Also noteworthy: Roger Bernadina (+10.5%) went 2-4, doubling in an insurance run in the aeyth (+12.0%). Craig Stammen (+8.5%) got 5 scoreless outs in long relief.

*Hat tip to @NatsEnquirer for the title

What do these graphs mean?

(Edited: ALR was 4-5 today, not 2-4).