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Game 32: Closest 7-run lead ever...


Via FanGraphs

  • Great American Shark Tank: Roger Bernadina (+20.6%) is 2-4 with an RBI single and a first-inning, two-run bomb to give the Nats the early lead (+15.0%).
  • He's no hitter: Gio Gonzalez (+10.4%) only lasts 5 IP, but he strikes out 9 while walking 4 and allowing 2 ER.
  • Grace without effort: Adam LaRoche (+10.9%) is 2-3 with a walk and a pair of RBIs.
  • Sub-Mendoza: Danny Espinosa (+4.6%) has a pair of terrific glove-flips in the field, neither of which add to his WPA, while his two-run jack in the 3rd (+7.5%) is already in junk time and barely counts.

(H/t to Mattionals in the game thread for the title)