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Game 34: No Sweep For You!


Via FanGraphs

  • Struggling: Edwin Jackson (-6.3%) labors toward the end of his 5 IP, in which he struck out 4, walked none, but gave up two solo HRs and a total of 3 ER.
  • Big hit: Danny Espinosa (+25.5%) comes through with a two-out, 2-RBI double to give the Nats the lead in the 5th (+23.7%). He's 2-4 with a walk on the day.
  • Shutdowns: Tom Gorzelanny (+8.9%) throws a scoreless 6th, while Ryan Mattheus (+8.0%) throws scoreless 7th and gets an out in the 8th.
  • Meltdown? Sean Burnett (-7.4%) gives up 2R (1ER) when Bryce Harper (-1.1%) loses a fly ball in the twilight (-16.5%).
  • Meltdown! Henry Rodriguez (-79.3%) gets two outs into the 9th, walking the bases loaded and them giving up a walkoff HR (-72.4%).

After the jump: HENRY WUZ ROBBED!

Were "balls" 1 and 2 to Heisey actually strikes 3 and 4? Looks like:



I suppose this "makes up" for the check-swing call to end last night's game? Well, one of them would have... Ball 3 was in the dirt, so it didn't show up in pitch f/x.