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Game 38: Really? Not even a two-game sweep?

Tonight's game story: Nats lose for yet another split.


via FanGraphs

  • Give him runs or he might stop caring: Jordan Zimmermann (-17.6%) can't keep the ball in the yard tonight, fanning 6 over 6 IP with only 1 walk, but giving up 4 ER on 3 HRs.
  • Terribly unclutch (which also doesn't exist): Ian Desmond (-28.2%) is 0-5 with 6 LOB.
  • Triples seem to be the style: Adam LaRoche (+5.1%) has an RBI triple for 1,001st hit, putting the Nats within one (+14.8%).
  • I'm still nervous about them: Ryan Zimmerman (+3.5%) has 3 Ks and a two-RBI single to the put the Nats on the board (+11.8%). Jesus Flores (+9.8%) is 2-3 with a sacrifice (Stop! Bunting! Davey!).
  • Wha-huh? Rick Ankiel (+8.3%) walks twice, and neither of them was intentional.