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Game 24: Time for a new streak!


via FanGraphs

  • Regressing? Edwin Jackson (-33.1%) has us hoping it's a fluke as he struggles through 6 IP, walking two, fanning three, and giving up 4 ER.
  • #playthekids: Steve Lombardozzi (+18.7%) has a walk and an RBI double for the early lead (+14.4%).
  • Boo! Warning-track power! Bryce Harper (+33.8%) is 3-4 with two doubles off of the out of town scoreboard, including one to lead off the 9th (+24.3%).
  • Shutdown: Craig Stammen (+9.1%) keeps it close with 2 scoreless innings in relief.
  • Not clutch: Adam LaRoche (-23.9%) is 1-4 with a CS and 3 LOB.
  • CLUTCH!!11(eleventy)!1!: Ian Desmond (+83.2%) clobbers a two-run walkoff bomb for the biggest Nats WPA play of the season so far (+86.8%).