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Best Pitcher HR: Washington Nationals' Stephen Strasburg vs Jordan Zimmermann.

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They were both solo shots. Stephen Strasburg's on a 75 mph 0-2 curve from Baltimore Orioles' left-hander Wei-Yin Chen, Jordan Zimmermann's on a 74 mph 2-2 curve from the Miami Marlins' Carlos Zambrano. They were both to left field. Strasburg's HR, according to Hit Tracker Online, went a "true distance" of 398 ft into the visitor's bullpen. You can see the 377ft sign on the left field wall in Nationals Park where it soars over. Zimmermann's HR went 387 ft (acc. to Hit Tracker) into the seats in front of the Marlins Park's Clevelander Bar. According to the USA Today, the Marlins estimated Zimmermann's HR traveled 377ft. Strasburg's was his first career home run in his 42nd at bat. Zimmermann's first was in his 97th AB.

As Nats Enquirer noted this morning, Baseball Prospectus' Larry Granillo timed Strasburg's slow trot around the bases at 26.15 seconds. A quick review of Zimmermann's slow trot around the bases has him at approximately 24 seconds between the crack of the bat and the moment he stepped on home. But the trot included a pause at second base while the 26-year-old right-hander tried to figure out if it had actually gone out.

"'It’s hard to see,'" the Washington Post's Adam Kilgore quoted Zimmermann explaining, "'There’s so many bright objects out there.'"

"It felt pretty good," Strasburg told reporters after he hit his home run, "Honestly, I didn't think it was going out. Typically when we hit in BP the speed is a little bit down so we have to swing a lot harder to hit it out. But it just shows that you put a good swing on it and hit it on the right part and it will go out."

"Some times you run into them, I guess," Strasburg concluded.

"He launches about 10 [HR's] a day when he's taking BP," Nats' skipper Davey Johnson told reporters after Strasburg's homer. "I didn't expect Stras to hit a breaking ball. He doesn't usually see breaking balls. Bo Porter came in after [the HR] and said, 'We found the left fielder.'"

Strasburg's HR was at home in the nation's capital, so it included a curtain call in front of an appreciative audience. There was not much of a celebration in Marlins Park after Zimmermann's home run, though he did have his helmet removed for his as he was greeted by his teammates in the Nats' dugout. So all things considered, the pitch they hit their home runs on, the distance traveled, the home run trot speed, etc. Which pitcher hit the most impressive home run? Stephen Strasburg or Jordan Zimmermann?