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Washington Nationals' Jayson Werth Breaks Left Wrist On Play In Right Field.

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In a season which has seen the Washington Nationals lose significant time to injuries to players like Michael Morse, Drew Storen, Ryan Zimmerman and Adam LaRoche, tonight's report that Jayson Werth suffered a broken wrist on a sliding play in right field might be the biggest blow. Nats' starter Jordan Zimmermann had already recorded the first two outs of the Phillies' sixth when Philadelphia third baseman Placido Polanco flew to shallow right field and Jayson Werth charged in to make a sliding attempt, but the Nats' right fielder came down hard on his left wrist, bending it back in a sickening manner. Werth recovered the ball and flipped it in to the cutoff man, but quickly left the field with his arm immobile and clutched close to his chest in obvious pain. The replays only made it look worse, especially for a player who's already had injury issues with his wrist nearly cost him his career.

After the game ended with the Phillies winning, 9-3, Nats' skipper Davey Johnson spoke the reporters about the extent of the injury. "He has a broken wrist," Johnson said, "And he's going to be down for a while. He's going to go see a specialist, but it's broken in the opposite side of where he had the other problem. It was a clean break, and he'll be out for a while." Asked for a possible timetable for how long Werth might be out, the Nationals manager said, "I've had broken bones, I know it's six weeks, but I'm not a doctor, we're going to get experts on it."

Johnson said that the Nats' right fielder was going for further examination to see if there was any more damage to the wrist and a team spokesman added that the Werth will be consulting with the Mayo Clinic but not going there first and and would be talking to the surgeon who worked with Werth when he suffered an injury to his left wrist earlier in his career 2005 when he was with the LA Dodgers.

"All of a sudden we seemed to be getting a little more healthy and boom another one of our main guys goes down," Davey Johnson said, "We've dealt with it before and we'll deal with it again. But, we're not alone, it seems like that's rampant right now, but that was a tough blow because I was anxious to have a lot of the guys back by Tuesday." In the immediate future the Nats' manager said he would, "... probably move [Bryce Harper] to right," and use Xavier Nady, Roger Bernadina and maybe even Chad Tracy in left. "We've still got a lot of good players here," Johnson concluded, "We'll weather this one."

• More information on Werth's injury when it is available.