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Game 29: Carpenter = jinxer


via FanGraphs

  • DIY: Edwin Jackson (+15.4% pitching, +5.6% hitting) has 5 Ks and only 1 BB in 7 IP with 2 ER. He's also 2-2 at the plate.
  • Rhino smash! Wilson Ramos (+6.6%) his a solo shot to put the Nats on the board in 3rd (+12.4%).
  • Meltdown: Tyler Clippard (-25.1%) gets a tough break on a missed check swing call, setting up the go-behind run.
  • MI not killing it tonight: Ian Desmond (-16.8%) hits into inning-ending GDPs in consecutive ABs, while Danny Espinosa (-11.8%) is 0-3 with 2 Ks.
  • Killing it every night: Adam LaRoche (+63.3%) is 2-3 with a walk and a go-ahead, two-run bomb in the 9th (+58.8%)--the 1,000th HR in Nationals history.
  • Get well soon, Drew: Henry Rodriguez (-81.9%) obviates his two wild pitches by giving up a two-run walkoff homer (-84.9%).