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Game 30: Carp brings the jinx again


via FanGraphs

  • Quality is not enough: Ross Detwiler (-10.6%) goes 6 IP with 4 Ks and no walks, stumbling only on a 3-run circus inning.
  • Sharks have legs? Roger Bernadina (+14.3%) has a pinch-hit walk to load the bases with one out in the 7th (+14.3%).
  • Rally killers: Danny Espinosa (-13.0%) and Rick Ankiel (-23.4%) both strike out after Shark's walk (-17.7% and -17.4%, respectively), leaving it loaded in the 7th. Danny has 5 LOB on the night, and Ankiel has 4 LOB.
  • Also notable/ignoble: Ian Desmond (+12.8%) is 2-5 with a double. Bryce Harper (-20.6%) is 0-4 with 3 LOB.