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Game 58: If you didn't like this game, you don't like baseball

Today's game story: Nats sweep on Harper go-ahead run.


Via FanGraphs

  • He gets more WPA when he hits: Jordan Zimmermann (+0.9%) fans 7 and walks 2 over 7 IP, but gives up 3 ER for a(nother) no-decision.
  • Right side Danny, best Danny: Danny Espinosa (+33.4%) is 2-4 with a walk and a pair of doubles, including a two-out, two-RBI fly off the Monster to put the Nats ahead (briefly) in the 7th (+31.0%).
  • He'd rather start, but the 'pen works: Tom Gorzelanny (+11.8%) records a shutdown in the 8th, keeping the game tied against the heart of the order.
  • SHARK ATTAAAAACK!! Roger Bernadina (+25.6%) hits a go-ahead, RBI double in the 9th (+38.9%) scoring Bryce Harper (+6.2%) from first.
  • No problemo: Tyler Clippard (+23.4%) walks one but strikes out the rest of the side for a shutdown in the 9th to win it, probably because I was wearing my "Fear the Goggles!" t-shirt today.