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Game 60: If you don't love this team, you don't like baseball

Tonight's game story: Nats win again, Harper hits monster HR.


Via FanGraphs

  • Not creating trade value: Chien-Ming Wang (+7.4%) walks 5 and strikes out 5 in 5 IP, but somehow only gives up 2 ER (on an HR in the 5th for -17.0% WPA) and leaves with a lead.
  • D1NGERZ!! Bryce Harper (+11.2%) jacks a solo shot to get the Nats ahead in the 3rd (+11.3%). Danny Espinosa (+16.3%) tacks on with a two-run jack in the 4th (+18.1%). Jhonatan Solano (+13.2%) follows up with a solo shot in the 7th (+13.9%) to get the lead back to two runs.
  • Shutdown(s)! Ross Detwiler (+16.0%) gets 5 scoreless outs, while Sean Burnett (+9.7%) adds 3 more, as does Tyler Clippard (+8.5%), and whaddayano--Nats win!

(h/t to Joe Hardy Fan in the game thread for the title)