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Game 61: MOAR MOORE!!


Via FanGraphs

  • 100+ Ks and counting: Stephen Strasburg (+13.6%) strikes out 8 and walks 1 in 6 IP, giving up 2 ER.
  • A full day of firsts: Tyler Moore (+40.4%) is 3-4 with an RBI double (+11.8%), a two-run dinger (+20.1%), a solo shot (+9.0%) and five of the Nats' six RBIs (1st MLB RBI, HR, and multi-HR game; 1st Nat with a multi-HR game this season).
  • Too late for much WPA: Ian Desmond (+5.9%) is 1-2 with a walk and a stat-padding, junk-time, monster solo bomb into the second deck. (+4.1%).
  • I FEAR NO BATTER: Craig Stammen (+9.3%) strikes out 4 (including Bautista) and walks 1 in 2 innings of scoreless relief, scrounging enough WPA for a shutdown.