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Game 62: Losing like it's 2009...

Tonight's game story: Nats are full of FAIL, lose big.


via FanGraphs

  • Quality is not enough: Gio Gonzalez (-0.1%) labors at points over 6+ IP, striking out 8, walking 2, and getting charged with 3 ER (one thanks to Lidge).
  • Rally time! Michael Morse (+5.5%) hits an RBI single to get the Nats within one in the 3rd (+11.9%).
  • Not clutch today: Ian Desmond (-18.6%) hits into an inning-ending GDP to kill the 3rd inning rally (-18.6%).
  • Also looking G04t-esque: Brad Lidge (-19.3%) melts down spectacularly, giving up a SB, a walk, a sacrifice, an IBB, then a 2-run single to start putting the game out of reach (-13.3%).