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Game 63: There seems to be a weak spot in the bullpen

Tonight's game story: Nats lose in the 14th. Thanks, Brad!


Via FanGraphs

  • Hard done by: Jordan Zimmermann (-15.8%) strikes out 6 and walks 3 over 6 IP, giving up 2 ER and one unearned (thanks, Desi), in spite of throwing out a runner at the plate (+12.4%).
  • Jesus is teh clutch: Jesus Flores (+9.1%) hits a two-run double for what looked like a winning margin at the time (+21.2%).
  • Tiemaker: Ian Desmond (+14.6%) hits a game-tying solo shot to keep the Nats in it in the 8th (+34.9%) and partially atone for his earlier error.
  • Robbed! Tyler Moore (+10.1%) is 1-2 with a pair of walks, and would have scored the winning run if Tim Timmons hadn't blown the call at the plate (-50.0%).
  • Not the worst player of the game: Bryce Harper (-27.6%) flails to the tune of 0-7 with 5 Ks.
  • Absolutely the worst player of the game: Brad Lidge (-43.8%) has another spectacular predictable meltdown: single, SB, single, K, 2-run double to go behind (-26.3%).
  • Bright spots: Recording shutdowns with their scoreless relief innings were Ross Detwiler (+9.1%) with 2 IP, Tyler Clippard (+12.3%) and Sean Burnett (+12.3%) with 1 IP each, and Craig Stammen (+37.0%) with 3 IP.