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Game 64: Bad umpires, bad breaks, bad series.


Via FanGraphs

  • Going the extra mile: Edwin Jackson (+2.2%) gives up 2 ER over 6 IP, walking 3 and only striking out 1 (the visitors apparently got 4 strikes today).
  • Did anyone else bat today? Adam LaRoche (+15.6%) provides the only Nats' run with a game-tying solo shot (+12.2%).
  • More meltdowns: Tom Gorzelanny (-12.1%) comes on to record two outs, giving up an HR (-13.4%) and leaving a runner on 2nd. Ryan Mattheus (-6.2%) gives up another run in his one out of work on a "passed ball" that bounced off the batter's thigh to no particular notice of the umpire.
  • Terrible hitting: The only other batter to record positive WPA is Jhonatan Solano with +0.4%.