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Washington Nationals: 2012 MLB Draft Mock Madness - Michael Wacha? Deven Marrero?

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After matching the Washington Nationals up with Mississippi State right-hander Chris Stratton in his first Mock Draft,'s Keith Law's had the Nats' drafting Texas A&M right-hander Michael Wacha in Mock Drafts 2.0 and 3.0 in the last week. As he had the second time, in the third run through the process, the ESPN analyst pointed to Wacha's "advanced changeup" as a reason the Aggies' righty could turn out to be a major league arm. The 6'6', 220 lb pitcher finished his junior year (8-1) in 15 starts and 106.0 IP in which he walked 17 (1.44 BB/9) and K'd 107 (9.08 K/9). Wacha didn't make it to the 16th spot in Baseball America's latest Mock Draft, however. BA's draft experts had the Chicago White Sox taking Wacha off the board with the 13th overall pick, leaving the Nationals with an infielder whose name has been matched up with Washington elsewhere.

Baseball America's writers matched the Nats up with Duke Blue Devils right-hander Marcus Stroman, a 5'9'' right-hander who had a (6-5) record with a 2.39 ERA, 26 BB (2.39 BB/9) and 136 K's (12.49 K/9) in 98.0 IP during his junior year, in their first Mock Draft, but in their latest Mock, the BA writers joined's Jonathan Mayo in predicting that the Nats will use the 16th pick in the 2012 Draft to take Arizona State shortstop Deven Marrero, who completed a .279/.335/.438, 11 double, four triple, three home run junior year with the Sun Devils after posting a combined .349/.390/.515 line in his freshman and sophomore years at ASU.

The infielder earned the Pac 10's Defensive Player of the Year Award in 2011.'s Mr. Mayo describes Marrero as having a plus, "... arm, hands and range," in his capsule on the prospect who was ranked 14th overall on the MLB writer's Top 100 Prospect List. "With the Nats building a contender," Mr. Mayo wrote in his latest Mock Draft, "bringing in an advanced glove at a premium position might fit perfectly."

Deven Marrero didn't make it to the 16th pick overall in's Mr. Law's latest Mock Draft. He had the Pirates drafting the infielder 9th overall. Michael Wacha was snatched up by the A's with the 11th pick in the Draft in's Mr. Mayo's latest run-through. With 15 teams picking before them, the Nationals will have to wait around Monday night to see what the teams in front of them do with their 1st Round picks and then make their selection.

• Here's a quick look at Texas A&M's Michael Wacha and ASU's Deven Marrero:

• via PerfectGameBaseball on the YouTube.

• via FiDog91 on the YouTube.