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Game 51: THIS was worth coming back from vacation!

Tonight's game story: Stras Ks 9 in Nats win.


via FanGraphs

  • Fearless: Stephen Strasburg (+43.0%) strikes out 9, walks none, and allows 0 ER over 7 IP, including fanning Uggla twice before getting him to GDP (+14.4%).
  • Feared: Bryce Harper (+0.6%) walks twice and gets thrown out by a mile trying to stretch a single (-0.9%), all to no great WPA.
  • TEH CLUTCH!!* Jesus Flores (+15.9%) is 1-2 with a walk and a 5th-inning solo shot for the game-winner (+15.9%).
  • Shutdowns: Sean Burnett (+6.5%) and Tyler Clippard (+6.3%) throw scoreless 8th and 9th innings.
  • Hmph: Xavier Nady (+6.4%) gets a pinch-hit, RBI double to tack on in junk time, just to spite me.

(* "Clutch" does not exist.)